Hydraulic Jack-in Piling System

GD Construction Sdn. Bhd. provides two types of silent, non-vibrating and pollution free as well as environmental friendly unique Hydraulic Jack-in Piling System, namely:-


A hydraulic pile jacking system in which the pile is gripped equally at four sides by hydraulic operated Grip Box Component.

Pressure is then applied on the Two or Four nos. of hydraulic cylinders to push the pile into the earth gradually.

The 2.50-meter jacking stroke cycle is repeated until the pile is too low for the Grip Box.

Applied pressure is recorded at the interval of every meter.


A hydraulic pile jacking system in which the pile is directly jacked at the top and pushed into the ground gradually.

The hydraulic jacking cylinder component is lowered down and the jacking sequence is repeated until the pile achieves its bearing capacity or alternatively until the top of the initial pile reaches the existing ground level in order to receive the extension pile.

Why Choose Hydraulic Jack-in Piling System

In comparison to the conventional piling system, the YZY Hydraulic Jack-in System with a simpler and rapid pile installation process is more cost effective due to significant operational cost savings that could be achieved through a higher productivity rate.

Through the use of hydraulic jacking installation process, the YZY Hydraulic Jack-in System is practically silent, non-vibrating and pollution free; hence particularly advantageous for regulated city zones, environmentally sensitive sites and sites that are or within sensitive structures. In addition, YZY Hydraulic Jack-in System promotes a clean and dust-free work site setting.

During installation, each pile is applied with twice the working load and further individually test loaded to eliminate the assumptions and uncertainty associated with the conventional system, thus ensuring a high level of quality assurance.

There are no provisions for error by using the YZY Hydraulic Jack-in System compared to the conventional hammer-driven piling system. Tensile cracks normally associated with hammer-driven piles due to impact and reflected stress waves as well as necking in bored piles do not occur while using YZY Hydraulic Jack-in System. Therefore, undoubtedly piles installed using the YZY Hydraulic System are more durable.