Dynamic Compaction Method


Dynamic compaction is a new soft soil treatment method using a towed non-circular module of 3, 4 or 5 sides to compact the ground, instead of using traditional rollers.

Dynamic Compactor (3-sides module)

Dynamic Compactor (5-sides module)

Why Choose Dynamic Compaction

The non-circular module will compact the ground in 3 forms:

  • The impulse occurs while the corner of the wheel falls from the highest point.
  • The vibration occurs while the wheel bounces and revolves at a certain speed.
  • Compaction of the soil came by the self-weight of the wheel.

Dynamic compaction method could be applied in the construction of housing developments, industrial developments, reclaimed areas, landfills, airports, port terminals, mine haul roads as well as other comparable facilities.

In comparison to conventional method, this technique is able to further reduce the construction time and cost, improve construction quality and effectively control compaction efforts. In addition, this method involves pure physical and mechanical processes and no additives needed.